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More Mystery

IMG_1560We found a clue.  Who are these babies?

Thats our dad, Bob holding who we assume is brother doe. But who is the baby girl?

The mystery deepens.

Slow Progress

I have been exhaustively looking through genealogy sites.  Despite thoughts by our Aunts that Dad had married this woman, we have been unable to find any registered marriage license anywhere other than to our mother.   We are still hoping to find some trace of her.

We have the idea of organizing a Facebook post, hoping that it might take off, alerting people to our search.

It seems impossible.  But I want to find this brother.

Timeline Known To Date

July 14, 1935 Dad born

July 20, 1955 Dad discharged from Army (in Texas??)

January 1958 Dad and Patty arrive in Iowa– they stay in an apartment near the school for some time (several months– until June, 1958??), but they must have left before Patty appeared to be expecting.

Late 58 or early 59 Brother Doe is born ( Louisiana?? )

April 1962 Dad was in Seattle Washington for at least 6 months, without Patty and baby??

1963-1970 Dad lives with Rose, living between the Twin Cities and Colorado at least.  Visited Iowa relatives several times, family believed they were married.  (untrue)

September 1971 Dad marries Mom in Minneapolis

Sometime 1980-1985, Brother Doe visits Dad’s extended family, looking for Dad

Dad dies April 1989



Brother Doe’s mother?

A message from another family member in-boxed this morning.

“Amy, I just read your message and I will help if I can. Let me get my mind working and thoughts straight. I met the mother and I know her name was Patty. The boy would be around Cousin R’s’s age. He was born in 1958. I can’t remember right off if we already had Cousin R, but I don’t think so because the folks moved out of the house we bought from them when Cousin R was 2 months old and this was when they lived in that house.  I think she had the baby already when Bob brought her home to the Grandparent’s house and I think somewhere in my mind I know the baby’s name. Your uncle and I got married in September of 1957. I did not know the Louisiana part. I will keep thinking

I am taking the liberty of pulling out some names and locations for privacy, at least for now…


New Location???

I heard today from a family member, that he  remembers hearing when he was very young that Dad had a little boy that (at the time) resided in Kentucky.

“The only thing I can recall is Mom saying that your Dad had a little boy and that they lived somewhere in Kentucky. He did not have contact with them, but wanted to see his son. I was probably in elementary school or junior high, so what you have correlates with the little knowledge I have.”

More later, I need to process my thoughts.

Off to some kind of start…

Ok, with both siblings and a sib-in-law now included and in on the adventure, we have begun– in earnest, Operation Brother Doe.

I have written to the social security administration to see if I can get a list of Dad’s places of employment in the late fifties. No answer on whether that is available.

I have trolled countless genealogy sites looking for any links to our missing guy. (does he qualify as “missing” per se? He’s not lost, just unknown.)

I have created this blog.

I’m in process of writing to many older relatives on Dad’s side of the family, seeking memories or even letters. These may not be given out willingly. One piece of our puzzle is that Brother Doe actually visited members of Dad’s birth family in the early eighties and was (unsurprisingly) turned away.

I have some very clear next steps in mind and will update this blog as I go along.

Where art thou, Brother? We want to know you.